Misty's TCGs
Metamorphose Trade X
★ Joined a new tcg: Metamorphose, a Mahou Shoujo TCG! Click HERE for the cards!
★ Joined a new tcg: COSMOS, a nature TCG! Click HERE for the cards!
FURUSATO cards are up. Click HERE! - It's only a temporary solution, as I'm still revamping this site, but I figured getting the cards up ASAP was better than waiting until everything was done.
TRADING ACADEMY cards are up. Click HERE!
Howdy! Welcome to Misty's tradepost.

★ It's been... 5 years since my last update... hahaha oh how time flies. Anyway, I'm gonna get back into TCGs, so I'll be joining a few as well as re-designing this page over the next few days. Hello!
★ Whoa I can't believe it's been almost 3 months since I last updated the main page of this site. How time flies...
☆ Joined Delish Cards. A super cute simple food tcg!
★ Sugarful has closed. If you're interested, you can still see my cards here for now.
Tiny Legend
★ New layout! I don't remember where I got the background, but I think it's from SquidFingers. I recolored it (from blue in case you were wondering) because I like red :).

- Also, a super big thanks to VBunny who uploaded a modified version of Marfisa's TCG script which enables the display of titles! AWESOME!

- I think I forgot to credit properly before, but my trade post is managed using Marfisa's TCG manager which is an awesome script. Without that I would've quit TCGs (again) by now, I'm really not good with the whole manual updating thing @_@ ~

☆ Quit MissingNo. It's a shame cause the cards are super cute and it's an awesome TCG, but it's just too big and active for me to participate in right now, unfortunately.